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Financial Accounting in Australia
Hoggett, John. Edwards, Lew
John Wiley  1996 
 Softcover 1177pp 1790g this book is in great condition & is the standout amongst financial accounting texts. Incorporated into the chapters of the third edition are many new features, designed to reinforce students understanding & skills in manipulating accounting data.  Excellent/None Issued
Price: 16.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009799  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Beer: Slabs, Stubbies And Six-Packs: A Tasting Guide
Canaider Ben; Powell Greg Duncan
ISBN: 1740512553
Random House Australia 2003 
 Paperback "Beer, glorious beer" or so the song goes - Informal guide to over 100 local and imported beers available in Australia. Looks at beer styles, beer ingredients, how beer is made, and glass sizes. Guide categorises sessional, premium, boutique, heavy, light, and weirdo beers. 166 jolly fine pp plus a bit about the authors at the end. Pull up a banana lounge & use that special opener you were given for Xmas & start studying.  Very Good/None issued
Price: 8.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009745  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Just the Facts Ma’am a Writer’s Guide to Investigators and Investigation Techniques
Fallis, Greg
Writers Digest USA 1998 
 Paperback Faults? -the front & rear covers have slight curls away from the text, not bent back around to read but a curl nonethelesss (might be the laminate on the cardboard tightening? or might be part of a cunning mystery to get the writing juices flowing?) 246 clean white well bound pages throughout, buy the book & solve a murder or three by lunchtime.  Very Good/None issued
Price: 25.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009647  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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The Vegetable Gardener’s Diary for Australia and New Zealand
Grover, Harry
Hyland House Australia 1994 1st
 Card Cover This very hard-to-find book is so immaculate you'd be forgiven for thinking it's straight from the press. 148pp with a comprehensive index. What to plant month-by-month, advice on climate regions, cultivation notes, chapters on herbs, asian veg, soil improving - buy it and rival Peter Cundall in flora wisdom!  Fine/None issued
Price: 82.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009635  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Summation of Series
Jolley, LBW
Dover Publications Inc. NY 1961 2nd Edition, Revised
 Card Cover Over 100 common series arehere collected, summed, and grouped for easy reference for mathematicians, scientists, IT people, engineers & students. Also Bessel functions, elliptical integrals & hypergeometric function and pointers to where more research can be had. 251pp plus quite a lengthy catalogue. All pp clean & well bound.  Excellent/None issued
Price: 50.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009419  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems
Churchill, Ruel V.
McGraw-Hill NY 1963 
 Card Cover this book looks at Fourier series and their applications to boundary value problems in partial differential equations of engineering & physics (I assume if you're reading this you know what on earth that means). Tight binding 248pp (may once have been touched by Prof Julius Sumner Miller!)  Very Good/None issued
Price: 35.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009404  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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The Joy of Photography
Taylor, Martin
Kodak USA 1983 
 Papeback 35mm cameras can be extremely easy to use, with autofocus, autoexposure, dedicated flash, and many other electronic features. Yet photographers still need their creativity to make great pictures, and know-how to select useful tools. The Joy of Photography is your best guide to all these topics. It explains how to get the most from automatic camera functions and when to turn them off. You’ll find complete guidelines on lenses, filters, and other accessories -900g+302pp  Very Good/None issued
Price: 15.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009250  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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La Dolce Vita Living in Italy
Fairweather, Catherine
Cameron House Australia 2001 
 Hardcover 192 perfect pages to inspire (envy) & encourage the Italophiles to either sell up & try the Medchange or do some major renovations. Book in great order. Approx 1.4kg  Excellent/Excellent
Price: 48.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009225  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Bali Modern The Art of Tropical Living
Francione, Gianni
Periplus Editions Hong Kong 2002 1st
 Hard Cover Shimmering pavilions, open verandas, living rooms that invite the outside landscape in - these are all part of the Balinese tropical experience. Gianni Francione is an architect from Turin, North Italy, who has lived in Bali for over 20 years. He is inspired by tribal art and the vernacular architectural tradition of Indonesia, and has designed countless tropical homes. Book in great order.176pp 1kg+  Excellent/Excellent
Price: 42.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 008647  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Browning D.C.
ISBN: 1850790140
New Orchard Editions Ltd. UK  1986 First Thus
 Hard Cover Unclipped Price, As New Condition, A complete reference to the quotations of Shakespeare, as well as a full index to the key words and salient points of each quotation or extract.  Fine/Fine
Price: 40.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 003075  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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The Australian Owner Bulders Manual
Staines, Allan
Pinedale Press Australia 1989 
 Card Cover 112pp, just below 500g. Want to cripple a joist? Delate a sagging bearer? Need to reburse a footing? If you're into building a garage, shed or home then this book is a great illustrated guide to help you at all stages with easy to understand instruction to give you some hammer-swinging confidence. It's no accident there's been a steady demand for this reference. BTW, of the first 3 things, two are made up, if you don't know which two then you need this book. (We also have a later version)  Very Good/None issued
Price: 20.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 011621  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Black, Peter McKenzie
Hamlyn Australia 1973 
 Hardcover 128pp of gorgeousness & great advice & info. approx a kilo packed for post. Shows some of the thousands of species of orchids, describes their variations in habitat, size, and characteristics, and discusses the propagation and cross-breeding of orchids.  Excellent/Excellent
Price: 20.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 010372  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Flavors of the Southwest Vegetarian Style
Oser, Robert
Book Publishing Company Tennessee 1998 
 Paperback Discover how southwestern chefs are expanding the definition of Southwest cuisine, using vegetarian foods such as tofu and tempeh instead of meat, as well as shiitake and portobello mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar. 191pp in great order indeed & the "Black beans and baked polenta with lime sour cream" is a real taste tickler. A great addition to your shelf/ves ( I hope it's the latter) - as per a mi-tshirt apron > "You can never have too many cookbooks."  Very Good/None issued
Price: 17.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009632  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Birds of Prey
Ian Newton (Consulting ed) Penny Olsen (Ed advisor)
Facts on File USA 1990 
 Hardcover Produced by Weldon Owen Sydney this book holds 200+pp of extremely detailed information, illustration and photographs - all pp clean white & well bound. 12 chapters under the general headings of Raptors of the World, Raptor biology & Relations with Man. A checklist has suggested reading at the back. The dj has a small closed tear at rear & tape marks inside the dj on 2 fold points. A weighty reference (will need to post carded/bubbled in a 3kg satchel)  Excellent/Very Good
Price: 46.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009831  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Genetics, Its Concepts and Implications
Pai, Anna & Helen Marcue-Roberts
Prentice Hall College Div USA 1981 
 Hardcover Genetics, Its Concepts and Implications by Anna C. Pai has 711pp & is 1.3kg to post. Chapters include heredity, traits transmission, linkage & chromosome mapping, molecular genetics, mutation & cytogenetics.  Very Good/None issued
Price: 15.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 011982  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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John Thurman
C Arthur Pearson  1965 
 Hardcover 127 Pages Good+ condition. The dust jacket is not price clipped and also remains in Very Good+ condition with previous owner's plastic wrap. There is a sticker from the Boys Scouts department store on the cover. The book remains clean and bright with only very light foxing evident on endpapers. Iillustrated throughout with drawings.Ideas are presented by the author for the use of blocks, spars and ropes. The ideas can be tried indoors or outdoors. Contents include information on the use of models and care of equipments. Suggestions for projects include ideas such as rafts, bridges, towers, gates, brakes, hitches, snow shoes etc.   Good to Very Good/Good
Price: 45.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 010206  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Beekeeping (Teach Yourself Books)
Vernon, Frank
Hodder & Stoughton  1977 
 Paperback Less than 500g to post - The ultimate guide to setting up and maintaining your colonies, with practical advice on all aspects of beekkeeping. With tips and information on bee biology, collecting honey and running hives in every location and season, this is essential reading for any beginner beekeeper.   Good/None issued
Price: 14.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 012334  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Military Small Arms 300 Years of Soldiers’ Firearms
Smith, Graham (ed)
Salamander Books UK 1994 
 Hardcover 238 valuable ref pp, 1.2 kg for post, Authoritative volume describes over 500 of the most significant infantry and cavalry small arms of the last three centuries. Every weapon illustrated by color photographs and accompanied by concise, descriptive text, and detailed technical specifications. Over 200 hall color illustrations, plus b&w photographs.  Very Good/Very Good/Good
Price: 38.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 011132  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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English Pottery and Porcelain
Wills, Geoffrey
Book Club (Guiness Superlatives) UK 1978 2nd Impression
 Hardcover Originally issued under the Guinness imprint as several dozen small monographs -400pp & 1.3 kg packed to post, masses of photos throughout. A good bibliography & setions on red clay ware, delft, stone & creamware,wedgwood, worcester amongst others. The history of the various pottery and porcelain manufactories, large and small, which were active in England between about 1600 and 1900.  Excellent/Excellent
Price: 26.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 012682  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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World War I in Photographs
Gilbert, Adrian
Macdonald UK 1988 
 Hardcover This book has over 550 photos representing some of the critical campaigns of the war, such as Gallipoli, the Somme, Jutland, Zeppelin raids and life in the trenches. Each photo has an accompanying text & there's a handy index at the rear. 192 crisp well-presented pp, approx one kilo packed for post (our paperback copy weighs in at about 750g)  Excellent/Very Good
Price: 28.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 010487  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Perennials, Volume 2 Late Perennials
Phillips, Roger & Rix, Martyn
Pan UK 1991 1st Edition
 Hardcover Another of the excellent teamwork of Phillips & Rix & part of the Pan Garden Plant series, this volume on perennials covers plants that flower in the later season. Ideal for plant identification and selection, this terrific series features immaculate photography (one picture for virtually every entry) and clear, concise text that discusses the physical attributes, native area, and hardiness of each plant. This book includes photographs of over 1250 perennials from around the world as well as text describing the plants origins, characteristics and reviewer says >>> best book on perennials i have ever seen with the main bonus being the amount of identifying pictures which show true colors. 252 well-bound pp, approx 1.2 kg packed for post, book is not ex-lib but the dj is covered with a stick-on clear plastic cover.  Very Good/Very Good
Price: 27.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 012739  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Joinery (Building Craft Series)
McKay, W.B.
Longmans, Green & Co. UK 1947 
 Hardcover Joinery (Building Craft Series) by Mckay is 240pp & less than 500g to post. Inside the cover is a presentation plate (undated) from Tamworth Tech College, the book was originally sourced from Ell's in Newcastle. 155 illustrations & printed as a companion to a book on carpentry.  Excellent/Very Good/Good
Price: 38.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 012796  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Cassell’s Encyclopedia of Gardening: The Definitive Single-Volume Guide to Garden Plants and Gardening Techniques
Pereire, Anita
Cassell UK 1995 
 Card Cover A BIGGG gardening book - 2 kilos & French flaps enclose 704pp. More than 2,000 color illustrations, including 1,500 superb close-up photographs and hundreds of original drawings, plus a myriad of modern facts and gardening techniques, combine to create a gardener’s dream reference. "More than 4,000 flowers, trees, and shrubs are described in brief informative entries."Booklist. Faults? crumpled top corner 1st page.  Very Good/None issued
Price: 26.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 011469  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Figure Drawing & Anatomy for the Artist
Raynes, John
Mitchell Beazley Limited UK 1996 
 Softcover 256 crisp pp & a kilo packed to post. Practical life-class projects covering the basic principles of figure-drawing, muscular info/diagrams with over 200 working drawings, sketches and photographs. review >>> This book will be invaluable for any artist wanting to make works related to the human body.  Very Good/None issued
Price: 30.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 011327  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Lancaster The Second World War’s Greatest Bomber
McKinstry, Leo
John Murray UK 2009 
 Softcover 581pp, 2 bw photo sections amidships, approx 800g to post - contents & reviews > A fantastic book. It takes from the design to when the bomber ended it's days with coastal command some fifty years later. The crews had the finest bomber in World War II and their survival rate was astonishing. But for this aircraft, many more crew would died. and >>> Without the Lancaster, Britain would never have been able to take the fight to the German homeland. Highlights the scale of the bomber's achievements, including the famous Dambusters attacks. With its vast bomb bay, ease of handling and surprising speed, the mighty Lancaster transformed the effectiveness of the Bomber Command. Whilst addressing the political controversy surrounding the bombing offensive against Germany, Leo McKinstry also weaves individual tales into this compelling narrative. Rich characters are brought to life, such as Roy Chadwick the designer, who taught himself engineering at night school and Sir Arthur Harris, the austere head of the Bomber Command. This is a rich saga, a story of triumph over disaster and the history of an iconic plane. Faults? upper right corners thumbed on early pp., small diag crease same location.  Good/None issued
Price: 30.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 010843  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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MGB Purchase and Restoration Guide
Porter, Lindsay
Haynes UK 1983 
 Pictorial Boards 224 crisp white pp & just under a kilo carded/wrapped for post to you. Clear and easy to follow instructions & handy tips on what to look out for & how to approach certain jobs. review >>> A good start for the novice restoration hobbiest. I don't think this is the only book one will need to do a restoration on a car. You will need others, but this will get you started.   Very Good/None issued
Price: 31.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 012813  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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The Encyclopedia of Picture Framing Techniques
Cunning, Robert
Simon & Schuster Australia 1993 
 Card Cover The Encyclopedia of Picture Framing Techniques by Cunning is 176pp & over the 500g mark to post. Choose the right molding, mount, and finish to complement any object, whether it’s a painting, drawing, photograph, or anything else worthy of a frame. A DIY manual for making custom frames.  Very Good/None issued
Price: 18.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 012842  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Australian Constitutional Law and Theory: Commentary and Materials
Blackshield, Tony; Williams, George and Fitzgerald, Brian
Federation Press Australia  
 Paperback 1033pp, approx 1.5 kg packed wt, a comprehensive look at significant aspects of Aust constitutional law. It looks at aspects such as republicanism, indigenous rights, High Court interpretations. Buy the book & you'll be able to out-Rumpole any opposition.  Good/None issued
Price: 20.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009801  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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The Secret Language of Birthdays
Goldschneider Gary
Viking Studio Books U.S.A. 1994 First Edition
 Hard Cover The 366 personality profiles in The Secret Language of Birthdays are based on a combination of astrology, numerology, the tarot and Gary Goldschneider's many years of observation. A mighty 832pp & over two kilos to post.  As New/As New
Price: 35.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 012704  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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The Royal Horticultural Society Gardeners’ Encyclopedia of Plants New Edition
Brickell, Christopher (ed)
Dorling Kindersley UK 1994 
 Hardcover The Royal Horticultural Society Gardeners' Encyclopedia of Plants New Edition is a 2.5 kilo tome of some 640pp. Comprehensively written and researched by leading plant experts, an enormous resource & I'd ask you to look at the contents picture to get an overview, the plant dictionary alone at the back is 220 pp!!  Excellent/Very Good/Very Good
Price: 45.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 012955  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Australian Family Law in Context Commentary and Materials
Parker, S & Parkinson, P & Behrens, J
Lbc Information Services Australia 1999 
 Softcover 947 clean white perfectly bound pp of legalese with hundreds of cases & the laws/precedents/annotations surrounding them eg: define a family, gay marriage, financial support, death divorce adoption etc Think "Law meets Brady Bunch" & it's all in here. Packed for post about 1.7kg.  Excellent/None issued
Price: 20.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009865  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Income Taxation: Commentary & Materials
Cooper, Krever & Vann
Australian Tax Practise Australia 1993 
 Paperback 929 pp on all you need to know re that popular topic, Income Tax. Faults? -2 creases on cover corners, about a doz pp have lines highlit. Topics include business income, receipts, premiums, leasing, tax for entities, avoiding tax, tax bases, classifying assets & so on. Buy the book & become our next Packer or Murdoch (& hopefully not have to move to Spain)   Very Good/None issued
Price: 20.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009860  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Public Finance 4th Edition
Rosen, Harvey S.
Irwin Unger, New York University USA 1995 
 Laminated Pictorial Boards Public Finance is 623 clean white well bound pp of finacial information, the book provides a clear and coherent view of the role of government spending and taxation. The authors' contend that modern public finance provides a practical and invaluable framework for policy issues. There is a noted emphasis on the links between sound economics and the analysis of real-world policy problems.   Excellent/None issued
Price: 24.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009846  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Microeconomics A Modern Approach
Schotter, Andrew
(Harper Collins USA 1994 
 Laminated Pictorial Boards Microeconomics: A Modern Approach (Harpercollins Series in Economics) 635pp - some pp have notes in pencil & or highlit sentences (this may of course be advantageous to speed research) -chapters on game theory, cost & production, oligopoly, finance, marketing, market entry, insurance, government, moral hazard & a great great deal more. 1500g of valuable reference.  Excellent/None issued
Price: 20.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009847  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Intermediate Microeconomics a Modern Approach
Varian, Hal
Norton USA 1996 4th Edition
 Softcover Varian is Dean of the School of Information Management and Systems at the University of California, Berkeley. He also holds joint appointments in Berkeley's economics department and Haas School of Business. Professor Varian earned his S.B. from MIT, and his Ph.D. from Berkeley. 650+ pp on the market, budgeting, preference, choice & utility, demand and buying/selling. This book seems to set the standard for buyers in this field of interest, all in good order - book may have been owned by Bill gates - who knows??? There's highlighting on about 10 pp & I'm sure it's his!  Very Good/None issued
Price: 22.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009811  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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The Australian Labour Market
Whitfield, Keith and Ross, Russell
Harper Educational Australia 1996 2nd Edition
 Paperback Essential reading for students of economics &/or industrial relations. Sections on bargaining, human resource management, indigenous relations, wage impacts and so forth. Book has been a valuable reference to the previous owner as although the book is in great book order it has copious notes, underlining & the like - this may in fact be advantageous to the next owner, you decide.  Very Good/None issued
Price: 15.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009809  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Banking Law in Australia
Tyree, Alan
Butterworths Australia 1998 3rd Edition
 Softcover Topics include banking structure, customer relations, current accounts, duties, cheques, payment systems,negotiable instruments, lending & international banking. 539pp in great order - there may or maynot be some 100 dollar notes within the pp, oh well, we live in hope. approx 900g packed for post.  Very Good/None issued
Price: 21.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009806  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Financial Reporting Handbook 2009 Incorporating All the Standards as at January 2009
Claire Locke (tech ed)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia) ICAA   
 Softcover Volume 1 - some 1933pp of financial bafflement (to me) & weighing in at over 1500g packed for post. I assume if you're reading this you know what the contents are all about such as Intangible Assets and Materielity & Barter Transactions invilving advertising services.   Good/None issued
Price: 25.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 010260  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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DIG Modern Australian Gardening
Kirton, Meredith
Murdoch Books Australia 2003 
 Card Cover French flaps enclose the 440 well-illustrated pp. This great reference weighs in at about 1.5kg. This title presents an exciting, new and modern approach to gardening. It inspires with lavish, beautiful photographs and fresh design ideas while also providing forward guidance with step by step advice. It has been written and produced especially for the Australian garden, and is packed full of relevant advice on how to grow what you want, and when. Whether you know a bit about gardening or nothing, 'Dig' is a vital reference for all your garden questions  Excellent/None issued
Price: 34.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 013114  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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The Practical Man’s Book of Things to Make and Do
Wheeler, James (ed)
Odhams Press Limited London  
 Hardboards 672pp & 1.5 kg of how to >>> make an afternoon tea waggon, nursery fire guard, a racquet press, a wooden coal bunker, fit a trap door for a ceiling (now we're talking), sinking a well for a doormat, enamelling a bath, switchback for children, repainting a motor car, build an ornamental fountain, homemade batteries (I kid you not) & my favourite > erecting a lightning conductor! Well this well-diagrammed book is a must have for the handyperson in your life. Book is 1940s publication.  Very Good/No Jacket
Price: 35.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 013127  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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French Country Cooking
David, Elizabeth
Dorling Kindersley UK 1987 
 Hardcover This copy almost fine save for slight sunning to spine. First published sixty years ago while food rationing was still in force, Elizabeth David used this book to introduce to the nation's bland palate, ingredients and recipes previously undiscovered in postwar Britain. Many people of that era had never experienced anything other than British cooking meat, two veg and a nice steamed pudding. ......------......She starts by setting the record straight: 'Those who care to look for it will find the justification of France's culinary reputation in the provinces, at the riverside inns, in unknown café sea port bistros...and nowadays in cafés routiers, the lorry-drivers' restaurants. In such places the most interesting food of France is to be found.' From having lived with a French family while studying over there, she was able to bring firsthand knowledge to this short yet concise guide to provincial French cooking.She starts with a chapter on the Batterie de Cuisine. But it's the collection of regional recipes that follow that made this book such a treat for 1950s Britain; divided into sections on soups, fish, eggs, luncheon, supper and family dishes, meat, poultry, game, vegetables, salads, sauces and sweets, she gives an entertaining and informative introduction to each. French Country Cooking reveals the immense diversity of the cuisine through recipes that range from a primitive peasant soup of the Basque country to the refined Lyonnaise dish of Poulet à la Crème. To those used to the traditional format of recipe writing the book will come as something of a surprise since Elizabeth David weaves the ingredients into the methods complete with details of the region, tradition and people. Elizabeth David's acclaimed writings are often cited as an inspiration by many of today's leading chefs, as well as home cooks, and are essential to any serious cookery book collection. Book in beaut condition with very attractive period art to illustrate as well as line art by John Minton, a book to savour with a nice chablis or maybe a Pernod & ice.  Excellent/Very Good
Price: 50.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 009562  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Plants of Tropical North Queensland: The Compact Guide
Beasley, John
Footloose  2008 
 Card Cover Plants of Tropical North Queensland: The Compact Guide by Beasley is some 192pp & under 500g. reviewed by Kerry Rathie > This notebook-sized (A5) book of 192 pages is an interesting and quirky little publication covering 485 plants, mostly native, likely to be noticed in its area of coverage. This is centred on Cairns, but extends to include Cooktown and Ingham and their hinterland areas like hillagoe. Plants, each given a number, are arranged in groups like trees, vines and so on within habitats. These are mangroves, shore and swamp, coastal open forest, rainforest, inland open forest and stream margins. There is also an introductory section on harmful plants and closing sections on weeds and on ornamental shrubs and trees (exotics and natives from outside the area). The plants each have a unique numeric identifier, and many are listed under the multiple keys, based on things like colours of all major plant parts, leaf sizes and shapes and textures and arrangement, and stem and bark features. Photos are smallish but almost always clear. Height, leaf length, flower size, flowering period, fruiting time and fruit size are given for each plant. The author has searched the internet for information on medicinal, culinary, timber and other usages, world-wide distributions, and items of general interest. Gift inscription.  Excellent/None issued
Price: 19.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 013208  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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A Practical Guide to Handling Dogs and Stock
Mills, AR (ed) & McIntyre WV & Herbert, SF
A. H. & A. W. Reed Australia 1971 
 Hardcover 125pp that appear as crisp as the day they were printed, less than 500g to post. This valuable reference was first issued in 1964 & popularly reprinted in 1966 & '71. Mills (ed) has a lifetime's experience on garms & stations in New Zealand as well as in depth experience in dog trialling. McIntyre achieved unrivalled fame in breeding two distinct strains, a heading & a huntaway. McIntyre's dogs (50 over 53 years) were winners, winners & winners. Herbert was Senior Judge for the NZ Sheepdog Trial Assoc & in a forty year period won many championships. I hesitate to pun that this book has impeccable breeding. It is a book whose primary focus is the working farm dog, not the show ring medallist. A down-to-Earth book for the farmer who handles sheep & cattle and wants the best of the stock dogs.. Subjects include training, handling, shedding, lambing, temperament etc. This fine statement sums it up > "Every statement, every word of advice has been tested on the anvil of experience . . . a classic textbook of farming practise at its best." Faults? dj has 1cm closed tear & side edgewear.  Excellent/Good
Price: 110.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 011481  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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The Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Roses : The Definitive A-Z Guide
Dorling Kindersley  2003 
 Hardcover The Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Roses by the Quest-Ritsons is a fabulous resource. 448pp alphabetically listed amongst its 2 kilos. From the Barkarole to the Moonbeam, discover everything you need to know about roses with the RHS Encyclopedia of Roses, the definitive A-Z guide to over 2, 000 species. Every rose is thoroughly catalogued with detailed descriptions from the size of their flowers and their scent, to growing habits, cultivation, breeding and name origins. Keep your roses blooming following practical advice on care, cultivation and the latest growing techniques. Book has > authors' intro > history > how to use the book > A-Z > cultivation > glossary > index to species > societies > www > gen. index > acknowledge+pic credits  Excellent/Excellent
Price: 42.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 013248  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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The Complete Book of Raising Livestock and Poultry
Thear, Katie & Fraser, Dr Alistair
Martin Dunitz UK 1981 
 Hardcover About 1.2 kilo of info in 224pp - Whether you are thinking of keeping a few chickens in your backyard, or whether you are interested in a self-sufficient lifestyle, this book will answer all your questions. Not only will it give practical guidance on how to start off such an enterprise, but it will also be a constant source of help whenever a crisis arises. Chickens: poultry-keeping systems, housing and equipment, feeding, eggs, breeding, incubation, rearing, health and disease. Ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl, pigeons for squabs, quail. Rabbits: housing, equipment, feeding, breeding. Goats: feeding, milk. Sheep: breeds, feeding, wool, meat and milk, rearing. Pigs. Cattle: handling, feeding, breeding, rearing. Horses: stabling, breaking, training, breeding, lameness, asses or donkeys.  Very Good/Very Good/Good
Price: 26.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 012788  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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Nine winning habits of successful Authors
McAlpine, Rachel
CC Press NZ 2000 
 Paperback 188pp of advice, less than 500g (that's good advice right there > make your book weigh under 500g. Previous owner name.  Excellent/None issued
Price: 30.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 013408  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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BURBIDGE, Nancy T., GRAY, Max.
ANU Press Australia 1970 
 Hardback 447pp, over 500g. - previous owner name (I assume) removed. FLORA OF THE A.C.T. by BURBIDGE & GRAY. Hundreds of accurate lineart works, vegetation map & the plants are given their identifying descriptors.   Good/No Jacket
Price: 35.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 013410  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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MINI Owner’s Survival Manual
Tyler, Jim
Osprey Publishing UK 1996 
 Laminated Pictorial Boards A manual for owners of the Mini, with advice on purchasing a Mini, basic mainetnance and breakdowns. 144 super crisp pp, 400g packed for post review >>> The owner's manual for this model is long-gone but this neat little book is a great stand in. As the label on the back of the book reads: IMPORTANT: DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THIS BOOK.   Excellent/None issued
Price: 27.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 010911  Bookseller: Little Lane Books
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A Dictionary of Surnames
Lower, Mark Antony
ISBN: 1853269166
Wordsworth Editions Ware 1988 
 Hard Cover 444p. Facsimile edition of Dictionary of Surnames of the United Kingdom, 1960.Light shelf wear to base, jacket intact. ; Atlas Folio Very Good in Very Good dust jacket
Price: 18.50 (AUD)
Book Number: 2662  Bookseller: Dromanabooks
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no author
ISBN: 0858969009
Pitman Publishing Melbourne 1982 Second Edition
 Paperback 1985 reprint. Reference work for Pitman Shorthand students, 15,000 entries and lists of towns and cities in Australia and New Zealand, 1000 place names throughout the world. 200gms weight; 12mo 7" - 7½" tall; 230 pages Very Good
Price: 21.50 (AUD)
Book Number: 16550  Bookseller: Dromanabooks
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VAMPIRE The Encyclopaedia
Bunson, Matthew
ISBN: 0500277486
Thames and Hudson London 1993 First Edition
 Paperback Owner's name top corner of half title page. Wear to base edge of front cover. ; Reading list. Single volume reference source on vampirology, arranged alphabetically with more than 2000 entries and a list of short stories. 750gms weight; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 304 pages Very Good
Price: 14.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 16170  Bookseller: Dromanabooks
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ISBN: 0851120466
 Hardcover Index. Weight 2.1kg; GUINNESS; Color Photographs; 4to 11" - 13" tall; 506 pages Very Good+
Price: 28.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 20088  Bookseller: Dromanabooks
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THE PEOPLE’S ALMANAC PRESENTS THE TWENTIETH CENTURY The Definitive Compendium of Astonishing Events, Amazing People, and Strange-But-True Facts
Wallechinsky, David
ISBN: 0316920959
Little Brown & Co (T) Boston 1995 First Edition
 Hardcover Chipping and wear to jacket edges, split to bottom corner of front cover, ; Index. 1.25kg weight; Remainder; B&W Photographs; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 636 pages Very Good in Good dust jacket
Price: 40.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 20139  Bookseller: Dromanabooks
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Boden, Edward (Ed)
ISBN: 0713650621
A & C Black Publishers Ltd  2001 
 Hardcover Gift inscription ffep. ; Twentieth edition. Looks unread. 1.25kg weight; Reference; Large 8vo 9" - 10" tall; 586 pages Very Good in Very Good+ dust jacket
Price: 60.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 20183  Bookseller: Dromanabooks
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Tyson-Ward, Sue with Gilham, Maria Julia
ISBN: 0245607382
Chambers Harrap Publishers London 2004 First Edition
 Paperback Index, 6,000 words and phrases grouped by subject. 100gms weight ; 32mo 4" - 5" tall; 256 pages Very Good+
Price: 18.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 18374  Bookseller: Dromanabooks
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no author
ISBN: 0858965038
Pitman Publishing Melbourne 1977 
 Paperback Owner's name top edge of title page; 1980 reprint. Reference work for Pitman Shorthand students, 15,000 entries 100 common proper names, 2000 place names throughout the world. 200gms weight; 12mo 7" - 7½" tall; 230 pages Very Good
Price: 19.55 (AUD)
Book Number: 18332  Bookseller: Dromanabooks
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O’Collins, Gerald And Farrugia, Edward G.
ISBN: 0809139294
Paulist Press  2000 
 Paperback Revised and expanded edition. Index of names. 520gms weight ; Stimulus Book; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 304 pages Very Good
Price: 40.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 21064  Bookseller: Dromanabooks
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no author
ISBN: 0004333403
Collins  1991 
 Paperback Foxing to endpapers and sides. ; Plastic covered. 700gms weight ; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 400 pages Very Good
Price: 26.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 21486  Bookseller: Dromanabooks
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THE DINKUM DICTIONARY The origins of Australian words
Butler, Susan
Text Publishing  2001 
 Paperback Gift inscription half title page; Includes an example of the early use of a word or term in print. 250gms weight ; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 214 pages Good
Price: 15.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 22572  Bookseller: Dromanabooks
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WORLD HISTORY A Paragon Micropedia
Black, Jeremy
ISBN: 0752530356
Parragon Plus  1999 
 Hardcover Index. 700gms weight ; Micropedia; Color Illustrations; 16mo 6" - 7" tall; 352 pages Very Good in Very Good dust jacket
Price: 20.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 20368  Bookseller: Dromanabooks
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