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Field of Glory Napoleonics Books listed at
Viceroy Books

Field of Glory Napoleonics
ISBN: 9781849089265
Osprey Pub Co  2012 
 Pictorial Cover New book, 148 pages, FOGN. Field of Glory Napoleonic was designed in an approachable and easy-to-learn manner to allow players to concentrate on realistic deployments and battlefield tactics of the early modern era. Our aim is to capture the atmosphere of battles ranging from the early wars of the French Republic through the rise of Bonaparte and the Grande Armee, to the Empire's last stand at Waterloo. This period is an ever-popular gaming period, and wargamers enjoy playing both historical battles and 'what-if' scenarios. FOGN will cater for both types of player, with a full point system allowing theoretical battles between balanced armies to be played out, as well as accommodating factual scenarios. The rulebook maintains the same production values as previous FOG and FOGR releases and is designed both to explain the game and be a reference guide when playing. To make the rules easier to follow, we have included examples, detailed descriptions and explanations of unusual situations in a similar way to our Ancients and Renaissance rulebooks.   As New
Price: $40.95 (AUD)
Book Number: 005962  Bookseller: Viceroy Books
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Field of Glory Napoleonics Companion: Emperors and Eagles
Shaw, Terry; Horah, Mike
ISBN: 9781849089302
Osprey Pub Co  2012 
 Pictorial Cover New book, 176 pages. In 1789, the French Revolution acted as the spark that ignited the volatile powder keg of Europe, pitching the continent into a conflagration of war and bloodshed that would last for decades. Amidst this chaos rose Napoleon Bonaparte, under whose influence France would become a dominant power, controlling, directly or indirectly, the majority of Europe. This companion for Field of Glory Napoleonic gives players all the information they need to recreate the French Revolutionary wars and the rise of Napoleon through to the campaigns of the Grande Armée and the early Empire. Emperors and Eagles also includes full army lists for the Peninsular Wars, where Britain and its Portuguese and Spanish allies slowly, but surely, turned the tide of the war and pushed Napoleon’s forces back to their own borders.   As New
Price: $40.95 (AUD)
Book Number: 006652  Bookseller: Viceroy Books
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