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Help - How upload books to

Bookseller may upload books to from the "Upload Books" page from the Bookshop admin page.

To choose your upload file format. Go to "Change/Set Upload Preferences" page in the Bookshop admin page and choose your upload file type. There are three types to choose from: "Delimited text file", "UIEE file" or "Homebase file".

Note: If you choose to upload using a Delimited text file you will need to also choose your format delimiter and field order. This information is not required for UIEE or Homebase files.

For information on uploading using your respective file type please click on the links below.

Delimited text file     UIEE file     Homebase file

You can also upload using FTP. Please email to set up an FTP account.
If you use Delimited text file format and need to upload a delete file using FTP, the filename extension must be "del" eg. "deletes.del".
If replacing your books using FTP the filename extension must be "purge" eg. "replace.purge".