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Help - How to Include an Image for a Book

Book Image files must be stored on
Image files can be uploaded by FTP and from admin.

To upload by FTP:
Connect by by FTP and upload your image files to the main directory.
If you do not have a FTP account please email to request one.

To upload by the admin:
Log in to and click on "Upload Images" link and upload you image.

Book Images should be in jpeg format and have the file extension ".jpg"

Zip Files:
Please do not upload zip files. Please email your zip files containing your images to
I will then upload them for you.

There are two methods to include an image with your book.

Method One: Name the image file to the book ID of your book For example "444.jpg" for book number "444".

Method Two: Include the image filename when you upload, add or edit your book. Do not include the full path, just the image name. For example "book1.gif".