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Sharing the Spirit: The Involvement of School Students in the 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Sydney
Brownlee, Helen
ISBN: 0731397509
New South Wales Government Australia 2002 1st Edition
8vo Glossy Soft Cover Ex lib. 168pp includ. illust.  Good
Price: 30.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 037324  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Live Your Dreams
Thorpe, Ian
ISBN: 1865045292
Scholastic Australia Australia 2002 1st Edition
4to Pictorial Soft Cover 48pp and colour illust. Small book. Ignore the default postal cost.  Very Good
Price: 12.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 037247  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Rugby: Yet Another Try
Grenville, J. A.
ISBN: 0862872324
Columbus Books London 1985 1st Edition
24mo Glossy Soft Cover oblong, 80pp b/w illustrated.  Good
Price: 8.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 036199  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Whitewater Canoeing
Sandreuter, William O.
ISBN: 0883170841
Stoeger Pub Co U.S.A. 1978 1st Edition
Small 8vo Soft Cover 208 indexed pages with b/w illust. We provide more/detailed information about the condition of our books upon request  Good
Price: 19.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 035623  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Canoeing Skills And Canoe Expedition Technique For Teachers And Leaders
Williams, P. F.
Pelham Books Great Britain 1967 1st British Edition
Large 12mo Hard Cover 155 indexed pages with b/w illust. We provide more/detailed information about the condition of our books upon request  Good
Price: 12.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 035622  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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FIFA World Cup USA 94: The Official Book
Arnold, Peter
ISBN: 0207185735
Angus & Robertson an Imp. HarperCollins Publishers Australia 1994 1st Australian Edition
Small 4to Pictorial Soft Cover 80 illustrated pages  Good
Price: 10.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 035189  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Walking on Water
Martin, Andy
ISBN: 0719549566
John Murray Pubs Ltd United Kingdom 1991 
8vo Pictorial Soft Cover 212pp includes colour photos  Good
Price: 16.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 034763  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Learn to Ski in a Weekend
Bartelski, Konrad with Neillands, Robin
ISBN: 0864382294
RD Press Australia 1992 
Large 12mo Glossy Pictorial Hard Cover 95pp includes index and colour illust.  Very Good
Price: 10.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 033724  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Athletics, Jumping and Vaulting
Watts, Denis Claude Vernon
ISBN: 0720709199
Pelham Books London 1976 1st Edition
Large 8vo Glossy Hard Cover 62pp includ. b/w illust.  Very Good
Price: 12.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 032838  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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How I Play Snooker: The Classic on the Game
Davis, Joe
ISBN: 0352300574
Star Book London 1975 
12mo Soft Cover minor wear, 174pp includes b/w illust.  Good
Price: 13.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 031536  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Hang Gliding the Basic Handbook of Skysurfing
Poynter, Dan
Dan Poynter U. S. A. 1974 4th Printing
Small 8vo Pictorial Soft Cover moderately worn and foxing to edges, 142pp includes index and b/w illus.  Good
Price: 12.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 030612  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Teach Your Child to Swim: An Instructional Guide to the Basics of Swimming
Bory, Eva
ISBN: 0671769952
Fireside Old Tappan, New Jersey, U.S.A. 1993 1st US Ed
Large 12mo Pictorial Soft Cover 142pp includes index and b/w illus.  Very Good
Price: 10.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 030611  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Hang Gliding Flying Skills
Pagen, Dennis
ISBN: 0936310014
Dennis Pagen Spring Mills, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 1982 Revised Edition
Small 8vo Soft Cover minor wear with stamp to title page, 110pp includes b/w drawings  Good
Price: 10.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 030610  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Advanced Windsurfing
Prade, Ernstfried
ISBN: 0713656611
A & C Black Ltd London 1986 
12mo Glossy Hard Cover 118pp includes colour illus.  Very Good
Price: 10.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 030609  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Bjarkman, Peter C.
ISBN: 1863090681
The Book Company Australia 1994 
Small 4to Glossy Hard Cover 44pp includes index and colour/b/w illus.  Very Good
Price: 15.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 030549  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Slam It!: A Guide to Collecting Basketball Cards
Nitis, John
ISBN: 1863511601
Sally Milner Publishing Pty, Limited Bowral, NSW, Australia 1995 1st Australian Edition
8vo Pictorial Soft Cover 60pp includes colour illus.  Very Good
Price: 22.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 030548  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Pat Cash: My Story
Matthews, Bruce
ISBN: 035615825x
Macdonald Queen Anne Press London 1988 
Large 12mo Pictorial Soft Cover 104pp includes colour and b/w photos  Good
Price: 24.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 030363  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Evans, Harold; Jackman, Brian and Ottaway, Mark
ISBN: 0002167468
William Collins UK 1974 First Edition
Small 4to Hard Cover 255pp includ. b/w illust.  Good
Price: 20.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 028618  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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The Master: The Story of H. H. "Dally" Messenger and the Beginning of Australian Rugby League
Messenger, Dally R.
ISBN: 0207147310
Angus & Robertson Australia 1982 First Australian Edition
8vo Soft Cover moderate wear to cover and scratch, 94pp  Good
Price: 15.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 029007  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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The Guinness Book Of Olympic Records
McWhirter, Norris; Greenberg, Stan (Edited by)
ISBN: 0140047654
Penguin Books England 1980 
16mo Soft Cover moderate wear, 278pp. The Guinness Book of Olympic Records contains classisfied Olympic results since 1896 with the names, nationalities, performances and scores of all medal-winners individuals and teams in every event of the modern Olympics, from the first games held at Athens to the twenty-first in Montreal in 1976.  Good
Price: 10.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 029177  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Canoeing Complete
Skilling, Brian
ISBN: 0718209389
Kaye and Ward Ltd London 1973 
Large 12mo Hard Cover moderately worn cover and chips/tears to dj edges, 236pp index  Good
Price: 10.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 028347  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Where Have All Our Cowboys Gone?
Jensen, Brian Foreword by Aikman, Troy
ISBN: 0716662027
Cooper Square Publishers New York, New York, U.S.A. 1992 
Small 8vo Hard Cover 261pp index  Very Good
Price: 14.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 028291  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Bernhard Langer: My Autobiography
Langer, Bernhard
ISBN: 0340787163
Hodder & Stoughton United Kingdom 2003 
12mo Soft Cover 199 indexed pages includ. b/w & colour photographs  Good
Price: 16.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 028258  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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The Big Fight: Muhammad Ali Vs. Al Blue Lewis
Hannigan, Dave
ISBN: 0224063065
Random House Uk Ltd United Kingdom 2002 1st Edition, 1st Printing
12mo Pictorial Soft Cover 224 pages includ. b/w illust.  Good
Price: 12.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 027628  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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The Essential John Arlott: Forty Years of Classic Cricket Writing.
Arlott, John
ISBN: 0002183080
Willow Books/Willow Collins Sons London 1989 
8vo Hard Cover covered in plastic ex lib usual markings and attachments or remnants of, otherwise good ex-library, 320pp plus index  Good
Price: 14.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 027272  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Twenty Eight Heroes: Inside the 1990 Kangaroo Tour
Cochrane, Brett; Kerr, James
ISBN: 0646033832
Cochrane, Brett & Kerr, James Surry Hills, NSW, Australia 1991 
Folio Hard Cover 144pp, b/w photos of the players  Very Good
Price: 18.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 027143  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Australian Sports Almanac 1997
Clark, David
ISBN: 1864520027
Reed Reference Australia 1997 
Small 8vo Soft Cover creases to top corner of front cover, ex lib usual markings and attachments or remnants of, otherwise good ex-library, 413pp index  Good
Price: 18.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 027146  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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The Runner’s Handbook: The Best-Selling Classic Fitness Guide for Beginner and Intermediate Runners
Glover, Bob; Shepherd, Jack
ISBN: 0140469303
Penguin U.S.A. 1996 
12mo Soft Cover 726pp, index  Good
Price: 10.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 027034  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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Aussies in England 1989
Eagar, R.
ISBN: 034050286x
Hodder & Stoughton, Limited London, United Kingdom 1989 
Large 8vo Hard Cover 128pp.  Very Good
Price: 12.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 026775  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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The Encyclopaedia Cricket
Golesworthy, Maurice
Robert Hale Ltd London 1962 1st Uk Ed
Large 12mo Hard Cover ex lib usual markings and attachments or remnants of, small stains to edges, 224pp, index  Good
Price: 10.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 026666  Bookseller: Remembrance Books
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