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Between Males
Walker, Fiona
ISBN: 0340682299
Coronet Books London 2001 
 Mass Market Paperback Some creasing/rubbing to covers. Some tanning. Remainder mark on bottom edge. Permanent book exchange label on back cover. Weight: 368g. Synopsis: Odette, who looks like Linda Lusardi in a DKNY suit and has more zeros at the end of her bank balance than an astronaut's altimeter, decides to throw up the high-powered job that doesn't leave time for relationships and start her own club/restaurant. But the venture seems doomed before it has even begun, cursed by a sedutive sleeping partner who sleeps around, and a rival chef who is as gorgeous as Marco Pierre White. When a tall, bullying South African game ranger joins her law suitors and triples her interest, Odette plots their downfall. If revenge is a dish best eaten cold, where better to serve it than in a restaurant? But as she jumps from the frying pan into the fire, she might end up getting her heart broken, her fingers burnt and her goose cooked...  Good
Price: 5.50 (AUD)
Book Number: a051268.001  Bookseller: 
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Dating Big Bird
Zigman, Laura
ISBN: 0099280345
Arrow Books Ltd  2000 
198 x 129mm Paperback Light cover creasing. Very light tanning. Text clean. Remainder mark on bottom edge. Non-removable book exchange label on back cover. Weight: 200g. Synopsis: Ellen Franck and Amy Jacobs are both smart and attractive with big jobs in New York City. They have witnessed their contemporaries trudge the path of marriage and children on the way to suburbia, and their relief at avoiding that fate can be heard all over Manhattan. Then one day Ellen and Amy hear a different noise, and it gets louder and louder. Tick-tock goes the biological clock...  Good+
Price: 9.00 (AUD)
Book Number: a051315.001  Bookseller: 
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Sis Boom Bah
Heller, Jane
ISBN: 0312971362
St. Martin's Paperbacks New York 2000 
 Mass Market Paperback Some spine curve and light general reading wear. Very light tanning. Bottom corner of flyleaf clipped. Permanent book exchange label on back cover. Weight: 184g. Synopsis: HAVING A SISTER MEANS ALWAYS HAVING TO SAY YOU'RE SORRY... What can make sisters stop talking to each other for years? If it's the Peltz sisters, just about anything can touch off an estrangement! In fact, the latest spat between Deborah, a soap opera writer in New York, and Sharon, a wedding planner in Boca Raton, has lasted two years. But when their mother has a heart attack, the sisters rally around her and promise to behave themselves. The only glitch in their peace pact is Mom's doctor. He's single, good-looking, wealthy... and coming on to both sisters. And when someone bumps off this cad of a cardiologist, Deborah and Sharon are prime suspects. Deborah thinks her soap opera savvy can help the police find the killer, but a second murder brings the siblings even closer to danger. Now, joining forces may be their one chance to stay alive. And in the process, they may just learn to love and accept each other, not to mention find men of their own to love.  Good+
Price: 5.95 (AUD)
Book Number: a052816.001  Bookseller: 
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Reilly, Tina
ISBN: 1853719455
Poolbeg  2000 
 Mass Market Paperback Solid paperback with creasing and rubbing to the covers and spine and some edgewear / tanning. Some reader curve to spine due to thickness of book. Some stickers and tape reinforcement to cover. Permanent book exchange label on back cover. Weight: 343g. Synopsis: Meet Jan. Sheís 25 and clueless, with no idea what to do about her life. She wears too much make-up and too little clothes, has a crummy typing job and no man. In fact, her life verges on the boring side of disastrous. Then out of the blue something happens that threatens to turn her life upside down. She soon realises that being a disastrous thirty-something is worth fighting for. Together with her strange family, two flatmates, Al, a shy workmate, and Dave, a newly acquired eco-warrior boyfriend, the battle begins.  Good
Price: 5.50 (AUD)
Book Number: a052390.001  Bookseller: 
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Man and Wife
Parsons, Tony
ISBN: 0007158750
HarperCollinsPublishers  2003 
 Mass Market Paperback Very light creasing. Very light edgewear. Remainder mark on bottom edge. Weight: 165g. Synopsis: Harry Silver is learning to juggle his many commitments - to his wife and his ex-wife, to his son, his stepdaughter and his mother, to his own work and his wife's career. And then someone walks into his life who is going to make it even more complicated... A sequel to the international bestseller 'Man and Boy', 'Man and Wife' also stands on its own as a brilliant novel about relatonships in the new century - about why we fall in love and why we marry - about why we stay and why we go.  Very Good
Price: 6.50 (AUD)
Book Number: 076629  Bookseller: 
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Barnes, Zoe
ISBN: 0749930306
Piatkus Books London, United Kingdom 2001 
 Mass Market Paperback A very good solid, clean copy. Previous owner's name on flyleaf. Weight: 250g. Synopsis: Bump number one - Just when Taz Norton's life is on a smooth upward glide - youngest sales manager at a flagship department store, own flat, cat and vintage motorbike - her lover leaves her for her ex-best friend. Bump number two - is find out she is pregnant the same day she is asked to handle the biggest store promotion in the company's history. Bump number three - is the one in front of her. Goodbye toes and glamour, hello heartburn, morning sickness and support tights. Typically, Taz decides to be Superwoman. No one is going to tell her she can't get to the top and be a single mum as well. But no one told her it was going to be so damned hard. Fresh, funny and deadly accurate - 'Bumps' is the essential career girl's guide to babies!  Very Good
Price: 8.50 (AUD)
Book Number: 076670  Bookseller: 
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Getting It!
Blanchard, Jane
ISBN: 0751533645
Time Warner London, United Kingdom 2003 
 Mass Market Paperback An excellent tight, clean copy. Previous owner's name on flyleaf. Weight: 195g. Synopsis: When Fran and Stella see the advert for a new TV station, they don't believe they have a chance of landing a job. But after lying about their ages and enduring the interview from hell, somehow they're in. Goodbye routine, boredom, drudgery. Hello lights, camera, action. Except the glamour is rubbing off before it even hits the TV screens. Instead of being a glittering success, the station accidentally becomes cult viewing. As one disaster follows another, the audience tunes in for the bloopers rather than the bargains. The station sucks like the Super Suck vacuum cleaners the presenters are failing to sell. Fran and Stella discover they're getting it (fame, that is), but for all the wrong reasons . . .   Very Good
Price: 3.95 (AUD)
Book Number: 076671  Bookseller: 
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People of Heaven
Harper, Beverley
ISBN: 033036197x
Pan Macmillan Australia Sydney, NSW, Australia 2002 
 Mass Market Paperback Solid, tight paperback. Some creasing. Non-removable book exchange label on back cover. Weight: 350g. Synopsis: In 1945, on a train bound for Zululand, two soldiers meet on the way home to their families, the war in Europe finally over. But in South Africa there are many more battles still to be fought. The seeds of apartheid are being sown in an angry nation, the fate of the Zulu people is as precarious as that of the endangered black rhinoceros, hunted for its horn. The soldiers on the train are already sworn enemies - one is black, the other white. Their sons, Michael King and Dyson Mpande, share a precious friendship that defies race and colour. But political greed, lust and a great evil between their families will test their friendship beyond imaginable limits.  Very Good
Price: 8.95 (AUD)
Book Number: a055998  Bookseller: 
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The Making Minty Malone
Wolff, Isabel
ISBN: 000651412x
Harper Collins  1999 
 Mass Market Paperback Solid paperback with some creasing and rubbing to the covers and spine and some edgewear / tanning. Permanent book exchange label on back cover. Weight: 250g. Synopsis: EVERYONE LIKES RADIO REPORTER MINTY - SHEíS SO TERRIBLY NICE. But being nice doesn't save her from being jilted at the very altar by her attractive but domineering fiance Dominic. Ditched, rather than hitched, a shocked Minty takes stock, and, on her husbandless honeymoon, she vows to become just a little less 'nice'. Joined by her fiery cousin Amber, whom no one could describe as sweet-natured, Minty sets out on a Quest for the Self, in which she will finally learn how to say 'No'. But Dominicís devastating desertion has left her with an unhealed wound. For if the man she loved could do that to her, then how can any man be trusted? But then Minty stumbles upon the real reason for Dominicís dreadful defection. Faced with the ugly truth she prepares to move on, let go, and learn how to say 'Yes' once more.  Good+
Price: 7.50 (AUD)
Book Number: a051299.001  Bookseller: 
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Filthy Rich
Samuels, Dorothy
ISBN: 0732273676
HarperCollins Publishers Australia 2002 
 Mass Market Paperback Solid, tight paperback. Very light creasing. Remainder mark on bottom edge. Weight: 160g. Synopsis: Marcy Mallowitz has just been dumped -- big time! Marcy's orthodontist boyfriend, Neil, blew a gasket during an appearance on "So You Want to Be Filthy Rich!", the stratospheric television phenomenon and top-rated quiz show of all time. When Marcy incorrectly answered his $1.75 million Lifeline question, Neil immediately broke off their preengagement, abruptly terminating their three-year relationship -- in front of twenty million people coast to coast!Suddenly Marcy isn't just Marcy anymore. The thirtysomething Barnard Phi Beta Kappa and Personal Life Coach is now the nationally renowned victim of America's "Big Brush-Off." Media hounds are clamoring for interviews. The street in front of her West Village apartment is swarming with paparazzi sharks. And everyone -- everyone -- knows her name, even if only as the punchline to late-night talk-show jokes. Marcy, who has made a career of improving other peoples's lives, could now use some serious help reclaiming her own. But where does she turn? To her lovable, meddling, marriage-oriented mom? To her protective dad, who dreams of Marcy joining the family roach extermination company? To her two decidedly oddball best girlfriends? Marcy Mallowitz's fifteen minutes of fame are lasting a lot longer than she would ever have dreamed possible. And now she'll either have to find someplace to hide from the all-seeing, unblinking media eye... or agree to expose herself to the world, a la Survivor's naked fat guy.  Very Good
Price: 4.95 (AUD)
Book Number: 078548  Bookseller: 
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A Bend In The Road
Sparks, Nicholas
ISBN: 0446611867
Warner Books  2002 
 Mass Market Paperback Reader curve to spine. Some cover creasing / corner curl. Some edgewear/tanning. Weight: 185g. Synopsis: Miles Ryan's life seemed to end the day his wife was killed in a hit-and-run accident two years ago. As a deputy sheriff in the North Carolina town of New Bern, he not only grieves for Missy, but longs to bring the unknown driver to justice. Then Miles meets Sarah Andrew. The second-grade teacher of his son, Jonah, Sarah had left Baltimore after a difficult divorce to start over in the gentler surroundings of New Bern. Perhaps it is her own emotional wounds that make her sensitive to the hurt she sees first in Jonah's eyes and then in his father's. Tentatively, Sarah and Miles reach out to each other. Soon they are both laughing for the first time in years... and falling in love. Neither will be able to guess how closely linked they are to a shocking secret -- one that will force them to question everything they ever believed in... and make a heartbreaking choice that will change their lives for ever.  Good
Price: 6.50 (AUD)
Book Number: 078835  Bookseller: 
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The House Husband
Whittaker, Owen
ISBN: 0752826484
Orion Publishing Group, Limited London 1999 
 Mass Market Paperback Light creasing. Very light tanning. Remainder mark on bottom edge. Weight: 225g. Synopsis: They say when you leap off a tall building, your entire life flashes before your eyes in fast-forward. It feels a bit like that, only sort of in reverse. I see my dreams of EMI recording contracts, Wembley Stadium and under age groupies fading to black. My chance of recognition as a songwriter of distinction, a bass player of style and flair, slipping through fingers greased with zinc and caster oil. And, into the foreground, sharp, focused and bowel-twitchingly clear, are scenes of domesticity, practicality... femininity. All played in slow motion on the longest extended-play tape in the universe. Have I got this wrong? Would someone please tell me if i have? Because the fact is, as i see it... I have just agreed to become a house husband.  Good+
Price: 7.50 (AUD)
Book Number: 078959  Bookseller: 
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Home Truths
North, Freya
ISBN: 9780007805143
HarperCollinsPublishers London 2006 
 Mass Market Paperback Very light creasing, else VG. Weight: 245g. Synopsis: Family matters. Doesn't it? Our mother ran off with a cowboy from Denver when we were small... Raised by their loving and eccentric uncle Django, the McCabe sisters assume their mid-thirties would be a time of stability and happiness. However, Cat, the youngest, is home from abroad to begin a new phase of her life - but it's proving more difficult than she thought. Fen is determined to be a better mother to her baby daughter than her own was to her - though her love life is suffering as a result . Pip, the eldest, loves looking after her stepson, her husband, her uncle and her sisters - even if her own needs are sidelined. At Django's 75th birthday party, secrets are revealed that throw the amily into chaos. Can heart and home ever be reconciled for the McCabes? After all, what does it mean if suddenly your sisters aren't quite your sisters?  Very Good
Price: 7.50 (AUD)
Book Number: 079880  Bookseller: 
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Old Boyfriends
Becnel, Rexanne
ISBN: 1741163544
New Idea Fiction - Harlequin Enterprises (Australia)  2006 
 Mass Market Paperback Some creasing, else VG. Weight: 142g. Synopsis: Ever wondered what might have happened if you'd stayed with that old boyfriend? They're three girlfriends with messed-up love lives on a road trip back to the town - and the old boyfriends - they left behind. MJ is the gorgeous ex-prom queen who became a trophy wife. Her older husband died in the bed of...well, let's just say he died in a compromising position. Bitsey is an overweight housewife struggling to answer that eternal question: Is this really all there is? Cat is an elegant divorcee. Her life seems perfect but she can't forget the memories of her sordid past. They're three very different women but they all agree on one thing: the men in their lives today don't hold a candle to the boys of their past. Whatever happened to those old boyfriends...?  Very Good
Price: 6.50 (AUD)
Book Number: 079956  Bookseller: 
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The House That Jack Built
Barry, Catherine
ISBN: 1903650097
Pocket Books/TownHouse  2001 
 Mass Market Paperback Some creasing. Some edgewear/tanning. Permanent book exchange label on back cover. Weight: 186g. Synopsis: When Jack loses her virginity at the age of sixteen she finds the experience a crushing disappointment. But more than a decade on - living in a tiny flat in Dublin, as a single mother and in a dead-end job - she still dreams of Matt, Thin Lizzy and those days of old.... So bumping into her first love unexpectedly, she feels she has met with her destiny. Matt is married, he has kids, but surely divine intervention must count for something? if she can shift some weight and stop drinking so much who can say what might happen? When Matt invites her to join an evening class he's teaching, Jack's fantasies soar to new heights. She soon finds that he has set her on the first step of a journey that will change her life. Only it isn't quite the journey she had in mind...  Good+
Price: 6.95 (AUD)
Book Number: a051019.001  Bookseller: 
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Rech, Lindsay Faith
ISBN: 0733556507
Red Dress Ink Australia 2004 
198 x 129mm Paperback Some spine creasing. Very light cover creasing. Very light edgewear. Weight: 340g. Synopsis: From fast friends to fast girls... For shy, awkward Stella Gold, the only good thing to come out of junior high gym class was her friendship with Emily Martin, the effortlessly cool rebel. Emily is now a trendy New York fashion designer with a penchant for affairs with all kinds of inappropriate men. Stella, a schoolteacher, has never strayed far from her provincial Pennsylvania hometown. Yet these two, now in their twenties, have shared everything, from bonding over the mystery of tampons and Milli Vanilli T-shirts to swapping stories about first loves and one-night stands. But there's one secret Stella has never told her best friend and when Emily calls from London with startling news, Stella is faced with a choice. She must either confront a long-buried demon or let Emily make a giant mistake that just might end their friendship for good... Joyride is a captivating novel about best friends speeding along on the road of life -- unaware of the dangerous curves that await them.  Good+
Price: 9.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 097440  Bookseller: 
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Jake’s Thing
Amis, Kingsley
ISBN: 0099468352
Vintage  2004 
 Mass Market Paperback Reprint. Some cover creasing. Weight: 140g. Synopsis: Jake Richardson, an Oxford don nearing sixty with a lifetime's lechery behind him, is in pursuit of his lost libido and heads off to the consulting room of a miniature sex therapist. Not one to disobey a doctor's orders, he runs the full humiliating gamut of sex labs and trendy 'workshops', where more than souls are bared. He decks himself with cunning gadgetry, dreams up a weekly fantasy, pets diligently with his overweight wife and browses listlessly through porn magazines behind locked doors. Is sex really worth it? As liberationists abuse him, a campus hostess bores him into bed - and even his own wife starts acting oddly - Jake seriously begins to wonder.  Good+
Price: 6.95 (AUD)
Book Number: 096895  Bookseller: 
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Platell, Amanda
ISBN: 0749931191
Piatkus  1999 
 Mass Market Paperback Light creasing, else VG. Weight: 165g. Synopsis: In the cut-throat and male dominated world of newspaper journalism few women succeed. Georgina, editor of the successful Sunday Tribune, has got where she is by talent, determination and pure hard work. Hard-nosed and ambitious - and prepared to bulldoze anyone in her way, Sharon couldn't be more different. She may edit the Sunday Tribune's sister paper, the Daily Tribune, but her feelings for Georgina are far from sisterly! Bitterly envious of Georgina's success, Sharon will stop at nothing to get the best story - and the best job. So when their boss decides that there's going to be only one editor with complete control over the two papers, both Georgina and Sharon want the position. Only, Sharon is prepared to fight - and fight dirty! She's determined to get right to the top - and, if she has to bring Georgina down to get there, then revenge is going to be very sweet!  Very Good
Price: 6.95 (AUD)
Book Number: 096033  Bookseller: 
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Rutherfurd, Edward
ISBN: 0099527308
Arrow Books Ltd  1988 
 Mass Market Paperback Some reader curve to spine due to thickness of book. Some tanning. Weight: 625g. Synopsis: In a novel of extraordinary richness the whole sweep of British civilisation unfolds through the story of one place, Salisbury, from beyond recorded time to the present day. The landscape - as old as time itself - shapes the destinies of the five families. The Wilsons and the Shockleys, locked in a cycle of revenge and rivalry for more than 400 years. The Masons, who pour their inspired love of stone into the creation of Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral. The Porters, descended from a young Roman soldier in exile. And the aristocratic Norman Godefrois, who will fall to the very bottom of the social ladder before their fortunes revive.  Good+
Price: 13.95 (AUD)
Book Number: 096351  Bookseller: 
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The Forest
Rutherfurd, Edward
ISBN: 009927907x
Arrow Books Ltd  2000 
 Mass Market Paperback Very light creasing. Very light tanning. Weight: 415g. Synopsis: Few places lie closer to the heart of the nation's heritage than the New Forest. Now, Edward Rutherfurd, weaves its history and legends into compelling fiction. From the mysterious killing of King William Rufus, treachery and witchcraft, smuggling and poaching run through this epic tale of well-born ladies, lowly woodsmen, sailors, merchants and Cistercian monks. The feuds, wars, loyalties and passions of generations reach their climax in a crime that shatters the decorous society of Jane Austen's Bath, and whose ramifications continue through the age of the Victorian railway builders to the ecologists of the present day.  Very Good
Price: 9.95 (AUD)
Book Number: 096347  Bookseller: 
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Bouncing Back
Barnes, Zoe
ISBN: 0749931892
Piatkus London 2000 
 Mass Market Paperback Light spine creasing. Remainder mark on bottom edge. Weight: 217g. Synopsis: Everyone has one really bad day in their life. One really bad day. For Cally Storm it's the day she loses her job, her marriage and her home. While everyone around her seems to be settling down with Mr Right and 2.4 children, Cally is back living with her mother. Still when you've hit rock bottom the only way is up... Everyone's got an opinion on what will turn her life around: a new man, a new career... But the only job she can get is at a local wildlife park. And as for romance - well if good men are so hard to find, frankly she's rather not bother. Only she's reckoned without the collective matchmaking efforts of her friends and a strange - almost animal - attraction to her unconventional colleaague, Will. Can this wrongest of Mr Wrongs ever turn out to be Mr Right?  Very Good
Price: 8.50 (AUD)
Book Number: 097127  Bookseller: 
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Tom, Dick and Debbie Harry
Adams, Jessica
ISBN: 0330362763
Pan Macmillan Australia Pty, Limited  2001 
 Mass Market Paperback A very good solid, clean copy. Weight: 282g. Synopsis: Three men. Five women. One small town. Love and lust in all the wrong places. An obsessive Blondie fan. And a sexually confused sheepdog. Tasmanian country vet Richard thinks he's found his perfect second wife in Sarah, a Londoner who's sick of the single life. The only problem is, she's about to go missing - on their wedding day. Meanwhile, his best man Tom is wondering if it's okay to live with a woman old enough to be is mother. And worse, his 29-year-old brother is writing love letters to Debbie Harry. By the end of summer, one of these men will have fallen in love again - with the wrong woman.  Very Good
Price: 7.95 (AUD)
Book Number: 097266  Bookseller: 
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On the Road to Mr Right
Jones, Belinda
ISBN: 0099445492
Arrow Books Ltd  2004 
 Mass Market Paperback Solid paperback. Light creasing. Light edgewear. Weight: 314g. Synopsis: Belinda loves America. Her best friend Emily loves men. So when they decide it's time to shake up their lives, they combine their two greatest passions in a fantastic road trip taking them from Eden to Valentine - via Climax - in pursuit of the American Dream Guy. There's no shortage of men - a Casanova from Cazenovia, a male cheerleader from Darling and a tattooed trucker from Kissimmee. But is romance really the answer to their problems? And is two women in search of the perfect man such a great idea anyway? Theirs is a journey of revelations and surprises, of cactus kisses and errant snowploughs, but above all it's a journey in seach of love. And you think Thelma and Louise had an eventful trip...  Very Good
Price: 8.95 (AUD)
Book Number: 125334  Bookseller: 
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Hollywood Girls Club
Marr, Maggie
ISBN: 9780099502449
Arrow Books Ltd  2007 
198 x 129mm Paperback Some spine creasing, else VG. Weight: 270g. Synopsis: Meet Lydia Albright, one of Hollywood's hottest movie producers; Lydia's best friend and tinseltown's favourite celebrity Celeste Solange; Ueber-agent to the stars Jessica Caulfield, who knows everything and everyone that matters; and script writer Mary Anne Meyers, who can't believe her luck at having escaped the slush pile and signed on for Lydia's new blockbuster, Seven Minutes Past Midnight. When Seven Minutes Past Midnight falls prey to her boss's petty jealousies, Lydia needs all hands on desk. And with Celeste's dear husband casting his latest arm candy in the lead of his next film, instead of, as promised, Celeste herself, she's more than happy to help out an old friend. The same goes for Jessica, who could do with a project to take her mind off the new hot-shot in her agency, whose sole intent seems to be sabotaging her career. In Hollywood, no vicious deed goes unpunished, not if the four have anything to say about it at least, and there is no reason why they shouldn't see the movie through on their own - especially if it means settling a few old scores along the way...  Very Good
Price: 7.95 (AUD)
Book Number: 125378  Bookseller: 
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Starting from Square Two
Lissner, Caren
ISBN: 0733550843
Red Dress Ink Australia 2004 
198 x 129mm Paperback Light creasing/rubbing to covers. Light edgewear. Spine corners re-inforced with clear tape to stop splitting. Weight: 325g. Synopsis: Is it possible to find that perfect once-in-a-lifetime love twice? Gert Healy thought she was finished with dating. She thought she'd never again have to worry about what to wear and what to say and whether she was pretty enough. She thought that she'd be picking out strollers and booties for the children she and her husband were planning to have. Instead, she's mourning his loss and coming to terms with being a widow at twenty-nine. It's been over a year now, and her friends - with the best of intentions, really - have convinced her its time to get back into the swing of things (even though looking for love is the last thing she wants to do). Although they've developed many a dating rule between them, now that Gert's part of their Single-girl crew, she's beginning to realise they don't know the first thing about men. Of course, Gert doesn't know the first thing about dating, since she married her college sweetheart, so maybe joining forces will work out after all. But does Gert have it in her to fight her way through the leather-jacketed and mini-skirted crowds in search of a second miracle? It's back to square one on everything. Well, actually she's done it all before. Square two, then.  Good
Price: 9.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 128641  Bookseller: 
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Glover, Miranda
ISBN: 0553817124
Bantam Books  2006 
198 x 129mm Paperback Light tanning, else VG. Weight: 326g. Synopsis: Art, fashion, fame and sex... artist Esther Glass has it all. That is, until a ghost from her past threatens to destroy her perfect life. Trying to cover her tracks, Esther goes for ultimate sensation, selling herself as a living work of art. She takes the international art scene by storm, performing as the female sitters inside seven great paintings. But underneath the surface the cracks start to show as Esther is forced to reconcile a very private history with a very public life.  Very Good
Price: 9.95 (AUD)
Book Number: x127732  Bookseller: 
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Life After Love
Tym, Kate
ISBN: 1842211366
Brilliant Books London 2001 
 Mass Market Paperback Some spine curve and light general reading wear. Light edgewear. 'Friends of the Library' stamps inside. Weight: 225g. Synopsis: FOUR SIGNS YOUR LIFE IS A MESS: You've been dumped; you agree to go on a blind date set up by your mother; you wake up with half a kebab in your hair; and you even contemplate a spanking session with the man from the leccy! IT'S TIME FOR POLLY TATE TO GET A GRIP AND START SEARCHING FOR... LIFE AFTER LOVE  Good+
Price: 8.50 (AUD)
Book Number: 078869.001  Bookseller: 
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Do Not Disturb
Ridgway, Christie
ISBN: 000773963x
Avon Books London 2005 
 Mass Market Paperback Light spine creasing. Very light tanning. Remainder mark on bottom edge. Weight: 195g. Synopsis: You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family. Investigative reporter Angel Buchanan dug up a whopping surprise: The late "Artist of the Heart" Stephen Whitney - famous for his family values - was the father who'd abandoned her when she was four. And there's nothing like the reading of a will to bring people out of the woodwork, especially relatives you never knew you had... Such as the grieving widow and her sexpot twin sister...and a hunky man Angel is thrilled to learn is not any kind of cousin at all. He's C.J. Jones, the legendary lawyer determined to keep her quiet about her late, not-so-great deadbeat dad's secret life. Angel knows he'll try to woo her into submission, but how can she resist? The setting: Tranquility House, a remote retreat containing plenty of private rooms and romantic hideaways. But how far will C.J. go to get what he wants? And, for that matter, how far will Angel?  Very Good
Price: 7.95 (AUD)
Book Number: x097285  Bookseller: 
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Learning Curves : A Novel of Sex, Suits, and Secret Affairs
Townley, Gemma
ISBN: 0345496019
Ballantine Book New York 2007 
 Mass Market Paperback Some reader curve to spine. Chip to top right corner of cover. Weight: 170g. Synopsis: Jennifer Bell used to travel the planet with her boyfriend, fighting the good fight for mother Earth. But after the breakup (not a good fight), Jen moved back to London to work for another mother: her own. Harriet Bell founded Green Futures, a consulting firm, after splitting up with Jenís big-shot father, who runs a rival (and Harriet thinks corrupt) company. But Harriet canít expose his crimes without proof. And she wants Jen to find some. Since Jen hasnít seen her dad in more than fifteen years, itís a snap to infiltrate his company... under an assumed name, of course. Soon sheís worming her way into the good graces of the companyís managers to find evidence of wrongdoing. What she discovers is that her fatherís world is a whole lot different from her own - filled with Palm Pilots, MBAs, martini lunches, designer suits, and Daniel Peterson, a guy who puts the gorge in gorgeous. Suddenly Jen is torn between Birkenstocks and Jimmy Choos, tree-hugging and air-kissing. Could it be that her Big Bad Dad isnít the monster her mom made him out to be? Or is Jen simply being seduced by the power of hard deals, hot nights, and wads of cash? Only time will tell - preferably from a Cartier watch on the wrist of Daniel Peterson...  Good+
Price: 8.95 (AUD)
Book Number: x129226  Bookseller: 
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The Whole World Over
Glass, Julia
ISBN: 9780099502142
Arrow Books Ltd  2007 
198 x 129mm Paperback An excellent tight, clean copy. Weight: 360g. Synopsis: Greenie Duquette lavishes most of her passionate energy on her Greenwich Village bakery and her four-year-old son, George. Her husband, Alan, seems to have fallen into a midlife depression, while Walter, her closest professional ally, is nursing a broken heart. It is at Walter's restaurant that the visiting governor of New Mexico tastes Greenie's coconut cake and decides to woo her away from the city to be his chef. For reasons both ambitious and desperate, she accepts - and finds herself heading west without her husband. This impulsive decision, along with events beyond Greenie's control, will change the course of several lives around her. The "Whole World Over" is a vividly human tale of longing and loss, folly and forgiveness, revealing the subtle mechanisms behind our most important, and often most fragile, connections to others.  Very Good
Price: 8.50 (AUD)
Book Number: x127769  Bookseller: 
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